[Wojnarowski] Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum has agreed to a three-year, $100 million contract extension --- extending his current deal to five years and $157 million, his agent, Sam Goldfeder of Excel Sports, tells ESPN.

据NBA记者Adrian Wojnarowski报道,新闻人士透露,后卫CJ-麦科勒姆赞成与斥地者完成3年1亿美元的提前续约,将现有合同延伸为5年1.57亿美元,新合同将在2024年夏天到期。

Yes! I want CJ and Dame to both retire Blazers

In an era of both players and teams sta****g each other all over the place and only looking out for their own self-interests, the Blazers backcourt has been a complete model of loyalty. It's why Dame's my favorite player and I'm so glad that they get to keep running it back with this squad.
They got to the conference finals last year without Nurkic and I think they're a legitimate contender that everyone is sleeping on for next season.

I think it's more than loyalty. Lillard has explained that he's not going to be blindly "loyal" to a team because they drafted him.
It's more that he and the organization have built up mutual trust and confidence that they can succeed together. He's said that he's personally invested in the team and the community. CJ hasn't said it as directly, but he has implied similar things.
Which is great to hear, because I think that is more meaningful and a better foundation to build off of. It's a mutual earned loyalty.

Dame has also talked about the team being blown up back when LA left for SA. He remembered guys like Ro**** and Wes being moved and having to uproot his family all because of a few decisions these people had no say in. He has indicated that any move he would make would affect many more people around him, from team mates to FO to coaching to even the general staff around the team. He plans to stay as long as the team actively works with him to improve and he is always looking out for others. Dame is a legit good dude. Never thought I'd love a blazer more than Roy, thank God for Dame. Makes me proud to be a Blazer.

Yeah exactly, that's what makes it admirable. It's reciprocated and mutual between both parties, which is rare in this day and age. There was probably nobody more loyal than DeMar DeRozan in the league but the Raptors knew they could get better and moved on in a heartbeat when the chance came up. But Dame and CJ have that trust and it goes both ways. It's nice to know that a core as talented as that is going to stick together in this era where everything else in the league seems to shift non-stop.

And I think the Blazers have probably had many conversations with teams about CJ McCollum and the prospect of trading him for a DeRozan-type deal (although not Kawhi level, probably). Even if we never find out what was offered, it's nice to know that they value him highly enough that we haven't traded anyone yet.

I mean, even as you stated they probably haven’t had the chance to trade for a kawhi level talent
If they got an offer to trade CJ for bron or AD he’s gone. You can’t really blame the raps

Cj really shines in the playoffs. His scoring creation becomes invaluable. I like the extension

No way we get past Denver without him. He was unreal in that series.

Seemed like he wouldn’t miss a damn shot honestly. Had me frustrated as hell.

It really was a great series. I’d do it again.

Ya his game is built for the playoffs. Unless you're on the Warriors you don't just get wide open looks in the playoffs, you have to create and take an opening wherever it presents itself which is often in the midrange and CJ is one of the best in the league from there, while also being a good finisher and good on the perimeter.

I dunno man. My heart stopped everytime he chucked a three in those last few minutes with the Warriors last season. I really wanted them to beat GSW.

Guys with an offensive game that versatile are pretty impossible to shut down barring a naturally poor shooting night. Chase him off the perimeter he is money anywhere from 10ft to the 3pt line. Any point along the way he can dump the ball to the perimeter to take advantage of the Blazer's wings.

For everyone saying 5yr/157M is too much, I completely disagree. That's less than the Lowry contract, Millsap contract, Tobias Harris contract, Jamal Murray contract, etc.... He's basically getting the same as Khris Middleton, Mike Conley, and Kevin Love.
If CJ played in the East, he'd have 1-3 all-star appearances. It's just that he has played in the West with guards like Curry, Westbrook, Kobe, Klay, Harden, Cp3, and Lillard.
Players like Jaylen Brown, Buddy Hield, and Pascal Siakam are all about to get 25M-30M deals.
Win-win deal.

People seem to forget that CJ bailed dame out a lot in the second round vs the nuggets, including CJs monster game 7 performance where he was **** all night from mid range. Dude is so underrated its crazy

Watching him that series sneaking into the key and dropping floaters and mid-range jumpers was crazy. His handles were absolutely insane. So happy about this!!

CJ has some of the best handles in the league, up there with Kyrie, but nobody seems to know this fact.

A lot of that was CJ's conditioning is insane. Probably the best in the league when you factor in minutes and distance travelled per game. Dame was completely gassed after the 4 OT game. Both teams stars were gassed in those OT's and pretty much all of game 7 except for McCollum. He even kept moving off the ball constantly.

Yep. He says it himself here here. After 60 minutes he’s still not tired. “It’s what I’m built for.”

Lowkey I think CJ's late season injury helped, he got an extra 2 weeks off at the end of the season to recharge for the playoffs

Dame was the best Blazer in the OKC series.
CJ was the best Blazer in the Denver series.

Meyers was the best Blazer in the GS series

Aminu was the best warrior in the GS series
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